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Our Caribbean inspired drink specials are prepared in a mason jar with our secret drink mix. They are prepared to pour equally with your chosen serving size. You just need to choose how many servings you would like and we'll do the rest. All servings are doubles because that is how we like to do things here at The Wicket. 


A Trinidadian special of just the right amount of punch and a touch of nutmeg, this classic drink is eggnog for the summer. You'll enjoy this until the very last drop. Rum + the secret drink mix and an evening adventure.


A little vodka, ginger beer, and limes, all of which are vital to creating the cold, fizzy, refreshing and even electrifying taste of the traditional Moscow Mule. Vodka + the secret drink mix and a night of wonders.


The taste-bud tantalizing bourbon with just a sweet squeeze of love, the right amount of kisses and baby, you got yourself a delicious cocktail. Bourbon + the secret drink mix and you're in flavour country for the evening.   

Choose your cocktail. Select the amount of servings. Order the drink.

200ml of [choose your cocktail] = 3 double servings.....$25

375ml of [choose your cocktail] = 6 double servings.....$50

750ml of [choose your cocktail] = 13 double servings.....$75

You'll receive a mason jar with our secret cocktail mix measured out to make the exact amount of servings you have ordered and the spirits to just pour in and stir. Serve with ice. These drinks come with a Nigel twist and we hope you enjoy a little Caribbean flare.

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